Petőfi 200 + Mother's Hen 175 exhibition

Arcus Galéria & Könyvesbolt Köztársaság út 7., Vác

Exhibition of works submitted to a drawing competition for primary school children. Think ahead and create a poem! Draw a picture of what you think has happened to animals since Petőfi wrote his poem "Mother's Hen" in Vác 175 years ago. Organizers.

According to Sajdik Petőfi

Pannónia Ház Köztársaság u. 19., Vác

An exhibition of book illustrations by Ferenc Sajdik will open at the Sajdik Collection, open until 14 May! Ferenc Sajdik's pencil (tustolla) starts on the white field of paper, and the mischievous lines suddenly reveal the world of the eighteen hundreds, old men and ladies, soldiers in silk, deceitful ladies, drop sawyers and illustrious lords, literary greats, casino-going officers, murderous magistrates, unruly students, cafés and ballrooms, [...]

"Spring winds bring water..."

Madách Imre Művelődési Központ Dr. Csányi László krt. 63., Vác

Biennale of artists from Vác and its surroundings Our institution regularly presents the works of artists from the area, we put great emphasis on making these values known to a wider audience! Exhibition opening: 24.03. 18:00 The exhibition is open until 17 April

Enikő Kalocsai exhibition

Madách Imre Művelődési Központ Dr. Csányi László krt. 63., Vác

Exhibition opening: 21.04. at 18:00

"Flowers always blooming"

Elefántos Ház Március 15. tér 23., Vác, Pest

The guest exhibition of the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs The ethnographic heritage of Teréz Zsolnay and Julia Zsolnay - daughters of Vilmos Zsolnay - is of great importance for the Janus Pannonius Museum, as it forms the basis of the ethnographic collection. It is of unparalleled value both in quantity and quality. The motifs of the bonnets in the exhibition are reflected in the Zsolnay ceramics on display, complemented by the [...]

Opening of the Ars Poetica exhibition

Lyra Könyvesház - Torony galéria Piac utca 1., Vác

The 200-year-old poet is commemorated in a group exhibition, with works reflecting on one of his poems.

Petőfi in and around Vácon - a tableau exhibition in the main square

Március 15. tér Március 15. tér, Vác, Pest

Sándor Petőfi had many ties to Váh and the region. He came here as a student on holiday, as a traveller, as a railway enthusiast, and to visit his parents who lived in our town for a while. The open-air exhibition summarises the poet's relationship with the town, showing the places he knew and the events he lived through.