Alexander the Great Sculpture Park

The Danube bank in Vác is one of the longest promenades in the country, a really pleasant place for an afternoon stroll. In the park, in addition to the special plants and rose islands, you will also find the sculpture park of Alexander the Great, which is a refreshing splash of color on the banks of the river. 

The artist is considered one of the most original creators of twentieth-century Hungarian sculpture, and his exclusive sculptural medium was the human figure: the standing, the sitting, the lying, the sometimes tangled male and female bodies. 

Sándor Nagy's life path started from the poor peasant environment of Nyírség, and his work developed in Budapest from the 1950s to the mid-2010s. The sculptures and compositions exhibited in different parts of the country are quite spectacular. In Vác, the sculpture park attracts the eye in itself, the unique style of the artist is easily recognizable. The completeness of the material, the raw machining expresses strength, timelessness and constancy. It is a venue for meetings with friends, it is also an excellent choice for a family program. 

Discover it yourself on a walk along the Danube. It is located near the playground, between the ferry port and the Music Pavilion, on an easily accessible stretch of coastline. 

Alexander the Great Sculpture Park

2600 Vác, St. Elisabeth Promenade