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Guided tour tailored

The Tourinform Office helps to get to know the city, provides customized advice and tour guide services to tourist groups, work communities, schools, groups of friends.

The classic sightseeing walk lasts two hours in the historical downtown and presents the sights of the city in Hungarian, as well as in German and English on request.

Tariff (gross): 25.000 HUF two-hour guided tour in Hungarian, max. for 35 people

Of course, taking into account individual, special needs, we also organize customized guided tours.

Request an offer: + 36 30 501 8158

Historical walks

Historical walks

In petőfi's footsteps  

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours, recommended age groups: schoolchildren, high school students, adults

Sándor Petőfi visited Vác on several occasions and referred to the city several times in his poetry. During the walk, those interested can get to know the places and stories of Vác connected to it.

Small evening walk with Örzse Piklin – in the footsteps of the secrets of the 18th century Vác

Duration: about 1 hour, recommended age groups: high school students, adults

As part of our special museum walk, the secrets of the 18th-century Vác will be revealed if we accompany midwife Örzse Piklin on her journey home. Örzse likes to tell about his work, the current events of the Vác of the time and, of course, he also shares the most exciting local gossip with those interested.

"From the Black Death to Cholera" – Diseases and Healers in the 18th-19th century Vacott 

Duration: 2-3 hours, recommended age groups: high school students, adults

Where was the former pharmacy? Where were those who died of the plague buried? What revolutionary remedy helped cholera patients? Why were puppets thought witches? On our walk, participants can get answers to many more exciting questions on the topic of healing and diseases in Vác.

Kérj ajánlatot:  +36 30 555 7620

Sightseeing train

From April to the end of October, the sightseeing train will take its passengers with a guaranteed guided tour to the main sights of the city: the main square, the baroque buildings of the city center, the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral and, of course, the Danube Promenade. It offers an experience-rich program for individual tourists, groups, groups of friends, school classes.

The small train departs from the Baroque main square every whole hour, from 10:00 to 17:00.

It is possible to rent occasional services, even in the off-season, even for individual routes.

duration: 25-30 minutes

Request an offer: + 36 20 942 7934

Sightseeing train with fixed guided tour
nosztalgia omnibusz


Múltidéző utazás omnibusszal.

Az omnibusz rendelhető:
céges-városi rendezvényekre, városnézésekre, csapatépítő programokra, leány-, legénybúcsúkra, esküvőkre, osztálytalálkozókra, kiállításokra, filmfelvételekre.

Kérj ajánlatot:                                                                                +36 30 931 2670