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Top 10 Sights of Váci - Baroque main square of Váci

Baroque main square

The baroque main square of Vác is the most popular communal square in Vác. The colourful buildings surrounding the square, the hourly melody of the music pavilion in front of the Curia, the splashing fountain and the ruins of the church of St. Michael, which once stood here, take you into a special world. Sit out on the terraces of the square's pastry shops and restaurants and enjoy the sight of the baroque square in addition to the flavors! Every corner of it has wonders in store for you.

Danube corso

The waterfront promenades of Vác attract you with numerous programs. During the walk you can see the walls of the medieval castle of the city and the sculpture park, next to which you can even have a picnic in the grassy areas. The little ones are invited by two playgrounds, and you can also ride a bike on one of the longest corso in Hungary, with a bike path leading along it. Get to know the waterfront face of the city and enjoy the legendary panorama of the Danube in Vác!

Top 10 Sights of Váci - Danube corso
Top 10 Sights of Vác - Arc de Triomphe and Kolodkó Mini-Statue

Triumphal arch

Did you know that Vác is home to the only triumphal arch of our country, which is one of the emblematic symbols of the city? The Stone Gate is a symbol of Vác, reminiscent of the Baroque period. The triumphal arch was erected in just five months in honor of the arrival of Maria Theresa, accordingly, on its decoration you can see the symbols of the ruling family. There are many interesting legends associated with the Stone Gate in Vác, and visiting the triumphal arch during a sightseeing tour of Vác is clearly a bucket list point.




Memento Mori

In 1994, huge attention was paid to the finding of 264 naturally mummified human remains and an ossary chest holding the remains of 40 people in Vác. The world-famous treasure of cultural history was discovered quite by accident in the crypt of the Church of the Whites on the main square, during a renovation. Some of the material excavated here can be viewed in the exhibition of the Ignatius Tragor Museum. You will have an eerily exciting experience, even the story of finding mummies is fascinating!

Top 10 Attractions of Vác - Memento Mori exhibition, the famous mummies of Vác
Top 10 Sights of Vác - Cathedral


Vác is a bishop's city, the center of the Diocese of Vác. The Assumption Cathedral in Vác is the fourth largest basilica in the country, which is a stunning sight due to its monumental size and inner Baroque appearance. The cathedral, built in the XVIII century, is already the third great church in the city, the first stood on the site of the medieval castle, the second on the main square. In the cathedral you can find ornaments and stones from former churches.




Seven Chapels, Grove

The Seven Chapels and the Grove in Vác have very special experiences, as silence, tranquility and fresh air await you here every season. The park of the grove with ancient trees, the church tower of the Seven Chapels, and the stations leading to it are stations well known to pilgrims and hikers. The lake, which promises fabulous relaxation and romantic moments, is fed by springs on the side of the Hill of the Seven Chapels. It is believed that the sources have a healing effect. 

Top 10 Sights of Váci - Seven Chapels of Pilgrimage
Top 10 Sights of Váci - Sajdik caricature collection

Sajdik caricature collection

Who wouldn't fondly recall the lovely figure of Arthur Dumpling, the great Ho-Ho-Ho angler, or even Pom Pom? In the exhibition of the oeuvre of Hungarian graphic artist and cartoonist Ferenc Sajdik, you can map the city through the eyes of the artist. In connection with Váci's connection, the exhibition also shows the visit of Maria Theresa to the city, the arrival of the first train to Vác or the birth of the poem "Ink glass" by Sándor Petőfi. Seeing the peculiar "aching" world is a memorable program for young and old alike.




Váci Castle

Did you know that Vác once had a castle too? Unfortunately, the edifice now lives only in our memory, as it was destroyed during the Turkish rule. Even today, its surroundings are interwoven with legends, secrets and wonders. Walking along the banks of the Danube, you can see the former castle wall with a statue of King Géza I. Here stood the temple which the great king had built, true to his vows, and he himself was buried here. Archaeologists are still searching for the tomb of the ruler today.

Top 10 Sights of Vác - Castle Wall
Bishop's Palace

Bishop's Palace

Did you know that a few minutes' walk from the main square of the city is the church center of the city? The Bishop's Palace in Vác is one of the emblematic symbols of the city-building work of Archbishop-Bishop Kristóf Migazzi. The neoclassical, baroque-style, 250-year-old historic building belongs to the Diocese of Váci and also serves as the residence of the current diocesan bishop. The patinated, two-storey building has reopened its doors to visitors since August 2022, thus providing an opportunity for a wonderful monument tour.




Town hall

Did you know that the building of the town hall is due to the city-building work of Archbishop-Bishop Kristóf Migazzi? The building on the Baroque main square, together with the other buildings on the square, acquired its present appearance on the occasion of the visit of Maria Theresa in 1764. Over the centuries, the building of the town hall has fulfilled many functions, once a Turkish bath stood in its place, later a bookstore and library also operated in it, and even for some time people who were arrested but still awaiting sentencing were detained here. In the renovated Baroque corridors of the town hall, you can see the works of the International Mobile MADI Museum.

Top 10 Sights of Vác - Town Hall