Triumphal arch

1764 is a significant year in our city. In honor of the visit of Maria Theresa and her family, many downtown buildings were renovated, at which time the Arc de Triomphe, which the locals call the Stone Gate, was also built. The only triumphal arch in the country, no similar one has been built since then.

Our building bishop Christopher Migazzi had it built in honor of the queen, according to the custom of the time. Fortunately, the Queen's fear was not confirmed, as the gate may have been completed too quickly, but it has been standing there ever since, to everyone's delight, and we can boldly pass under it on foot, by bicycle, by wagon, or even by car or bus. 

Triumphal Arch Vác

In 1764, the monarch arrived by boat on the Danube from the Bratislava Parliament. The nobility waited for the guests on horseback, dressed in ceremonial garb. The arrival of the ship was signaled by a cannon shot. The gate was built near the ship port, on the border of the city at that time, its height is 20 m, its width is 12, and its thickness is 4 m. 

If we stand close, looking up, we see on its sides the eagles holding garlands of flowers in their beaks, and on the forehead, marble tablets with inscriptions among the emblazoned bas-relief images of the members of the ruling house. On the side facing Kisvác is the bust of Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis, towards the city on the right is archduke Ferdinand and Maximilian, and on the left is the breast image of Archduke Maximilian II. Joseph and Ii. A picture of Leopold is shown. 

The decorative gate was completed in just five months and has been visible in all its splendor ever since. The symbolic edifice has inspired many artists over time. Ferenc Sajdik's work "The Visit of Maria Theresa" can be seen in the Pannonia House. In 2021, a mini-statue of Mihály Kolodko depicting Maria Theresa was placed in the shadow of the stone gate. It captures the moment inspired by legend when the empress looks at the huge gate in amazement and may not even dare to pass under it. 

There are many legends associated with the Arc de Triomphe, along with several other interesting stories, you can find it here:

2600 Vác, Republic road 65.