Danube Bend

Photo: János Kléri


The Danube Bend Four – Esztergom, Szentendre, Vác, Visegrád – are connected by the Danube, each with a defining historical past, wonderful natural conditions and a rich program offer. 

If you have already discovered Vác, do not miss the picturesque Szentendre, the birthplace and coronation city of St. Stephen Esztergom and the chosen one of King Matthias Visegrád.


Basilica and King St. Stephen – this is the first thing most Hungarians think of Esztergom, but when you visit the capital of the Danube Bend, you can discover more wonderful treasures. The Basilica of Esztergom is the largest church in the country. Hungary main center of Catholic life not only excels with its imposing size, but its treasury also has the richest collection of liturgical art treasures in Hungary. While learning about the values of the rich past, Esztergom is waiting for you with modern and varied programs! 


In Hungary, at the gates of the Danube Bend, the surrounding hills and mountains, and the picturesque framework of the river flowing in front of them, are located in a beautiful natural environment in Szentendre. The natural image of the settlement with its rich past is complemented worthily and at the same time in a special way by the creations of human hands: the winding narrow cobblestone alleys, the narrow alleys, the small houses of the city center that are tightly intertwined and the fine-lined baroque church towers. Szentendre is the city of arts, where hundreds of artists still live and create today.


It is no wonder that King Matthias also liked Visegrád, where he arranged his summer residence, not hiding his intention to compensate as much as possible for the peculiarity of the environment for his young wife, who was forced to leave Renaissance Italy through their marriage. Perhaps the most emblematic structure of Visegrád is the Citadel, which is mostly referred to colloquially only as the Visegrád Castle, thus highlighting the cultural significance of the respectable building complex towering on top of the Castle Hill.