Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program

Beneficiary name:  Vác and Surroundings TDM Nonprofit Kft

Title of the supported project:  Renovation of the Tourinform office in Vác

Application identification number:  TFC – 3.1.1 – 2020

Amount of contracted support:  HUF 20,000,000

Rate of support: 100%

The aided project:

The Váci Tourinform office has been waiting for those arriving in the city since 1993. It is easily accessible by train, boat, bus, car. It is only 100 metres from the cycle path from Budapest to Szob. At several points of the Vác section of the cycle path there are bicycle rest areas, where an information sign indicates which attractions or services are available nearby at that point and where the Tourinform office is located.

On the city's introductory routes, railway and bus stations, "brown signs" indicate the Tourinform office. In addition to findability, we try to satisfy all information needs as much as possible. We can be found on the publications and publication surfaces of our cooperating partners. In recent years, the flow of digital information has accelerated, the use of digital tools has become everyday, and the purpose, duration and intensity of travel are all changing. The renovation, infrastructural development and expansion of the services of the Vác office have become timely.

Introduction of new services:

The investment aimed at raising the interior appearance, interior design and quality level of the Tourinform office will be realized in the current location of the office with a complete renovation, according to the Image Manual. By expanding the reception area, visitors arrive in a more modern, spacious, comfortable environment.

  • we provide free Wi-Fi service for visitors to the office, also serving as a family resting place for the duration of the information
  • luggage storage for groups arriving by public transport, as there are no such options in the city, so it will be possible to safely guard them, which will provide significant comfort to the target group
  • a mobile charging station where several digital devices (phone, laptop, tablet) can be charged at the same time. This need arose mostly from those who stayed in our city for a shorter period of time.
  • a children's play corner will be created in the renewed space, and
  • as a guaranteed program, a thematic sightseeing tour guide, and
  • we plan to develop hiking trails for visitors interested in active/cultural programs interested in Vác and its surroundings
  • we provide an accessible entrance to the office
  • on a large screen projector, we provide continuous information for everyone
  • with the sale of souvenirs, expanding the current product range, with products of local craftsmen, producers.
  • installation of camera equipment
  • purchase of a traffic counting device

Community-building activities of service providers operating in the data collection area of tourinform office

Another goal of the tender is to actively communicate with 69 municipalities in the data collection area belonging to the Tourinform office. In recent years, in addition to the sights, the offer of tourist service providers has also changed significantly. Due to changes of ownership and transformed offers, it became timely to re-establish personal contact, and then to consult regularly afterwards.

End date of the supported project: 30 April 2021.

The supported project is implemented within the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

Vác and Surroundings TDM Nonprofit Ltd.

Tourinform Vác
2600 Vác, March 15th Square 17.