Did you know that Vác is a real star trek center? Many excursion destinations can be easily reached from the city by car, public transport, forest railway or even on foot.  

If you like to spend your free time in the fresh air in a forest environment, it's time to explore the area around Vác excursion centers. Thanks to the tourist offer of the Katalinpuszta Excursion Center, the Királyréti Excursion Center and the Diósjenő Forest Leisure Park, you can get closer to the natural treasures of Börzsöny. 

Would you like to visit the nearby pleasure farms and petting zoos? In the Törökmező Small Animal Park you can meet either a proboscis bear or a Cameroonian dwarf goat, and in the Seholsziget Nature Park there is a tractor ride, archery, and alpacas. The RoBirtok petting farm in Kosd is also a great favorite of the children, as here, in addition to the experience programs, they can also experience what life is like on a real farm.

Would you like to combine the excursion with a bit of historical reminiscence? In Our Drégelypala, the Szondi Exhibition Hall and Tourism Center and Drégely Castle, and in Nógrád, the Nógrád Castle has an unforgettable program and a fabulous panorama for you.

A trip to Börzsöny will be really complete with a train ride in the forest. The Királyréti Forest Railway, the Kemence Forest Museum Railway and the Transbörzsönyi Small Railway are great favorites of families and groups of friends, and the area around the stops awaits hiking lovers with numerous excursion places. 

Gyadai meadow - suspension bridge

What places to visit in the Vác area?

Nasaly Wedding Cave

Nasaly Hill and the Wedding Cave

Would you like to discover the special world of Nasaly? Mount Nasaly rises above Vác, it is the westernmost, pre-mountain-like member of the Cserhát Mountains. The mountain is one of the most beautiful domestic examples of mountains called eagle passes, which rise steeply from their surroundings. 

If you are in the vicinity of Vác, the excursion is a bucket list program for you, all the more so because the history of the legendary Wedding Cave convinces thousands of hikers every year that this place is truly special.

Panorama of Váci from the other side

Terrace lookout guided tours

The Terrace Lookout Is a family-style forest resting place, where you can stop for a short break during an excursion, or you can take part in one of the guided tours. Tours are organized on the south side of Nasaly Hill, both as a pre-arranged event and on individual request. 

In addition to short hiking trails, medium and difficult hikes are also launched from 5 km to 15 km, for the age group from 3 to 75 years. 

Nasaly tour

Nature trails

Sunflower Nature Trail

Photo by Harangvirág 36 Guesthouse

Sunflower learning path, Zebegény

Zebegény is one of the most beautiful jewellery boxes of the Danube Bend, the settlement has attractions and places to visit for all ages. In the 10 stations of the Sunflower Learning Path, which can be walked in 2-3 hours with an easy walk, educational signs present the natural treasures of the area. During the excursion, it is worth stopping at the resting places next to the educational trail, where you can also enjoy the panorama.  The educational trail, which can be visited in all seasons, is named after CountEss Sunflower, i.e. Count Károlyiné Count Franciska Apponyi.

Törökmező learning path

Do you want to have a meaningful time, while getting to know the wildlife of Börzsöny better? Take aim at the Törökmező learning path, which presents the world of the forests and meadows of Southern Börzsöny, its natural and cultural history curiosities and values. While walking through the 9 stations of the nature trail, you can also meet squirrels, badgers, roe deer, deer and marten. The last stop is the lookout point of the Hegyes-roof, from where a fabulous panorama opens to the Danube Bend, the Pilis-Visegrád Mountains, and the Nasaly in Vác.

Gyadai meadow

Gyada nature trail

One of the most adventurous learning trails of Hungary, which bears the name of the Gyadai learning path, has been established on the side of Nasaly Hill, in the Gyadai meadow. The 13-station nature trail is famous for its swing bridge, giant suspension bridge and wooden planks through the swamp, showing the natural values of the forests and meadows along the Lósi stream. The learning path offers cloudless adventure and excitement for all members of the family, as well as the Become a Small Forester preschool learning path, as well as the Madharm learning trail, which also starts next to the Katalinpuszta Excursion Center.

Királyréti learning path

The most popular excursion destination in Börzsöny is Királyrét, which awaits hikers with numerous hiking trails. The starting point of the Királyréti learning path is the Lynx House Forest School and Visitor Center, next to which an information board indicates the order of the stations of the learning path. Stretching for 2.9 km in the heart of Börzsöny, the nine-station route of the area offers you to get acquainted with the wildlife and geography of Börzsöny. The distance can be easily completed for children and the older age group, without much difficulty.

Királyrét - Lynx House


Panorama from Csóványos

Csóványosi lookout tower

Don't you shy away from high-level tours? Then be sure to put the conquest of The Kisser on your bucket list! Csóványos is the highest peak of Börzsöny, where a lookout tower awaits those who have made the journey to the 938-meter-high structure. The lookout tower is located 10 km from the central parking lot in Királyrét and takes about 3 hours to complete. The difference in altitude is 783 meters, but the beauty of the hiking trail and the panorama accessible from the lookout make up for the difficulties.

Julian Lookout Tower

The Julian lookout tower is one of the most popular lookout points of the Danube Bend, which can be reached from both Nagymaros and Zebegény. You can visit the lookout point either as part of the Nagymaros – Hegyes-roof – Nagymaros circular tour or the Zebegény – Hegyes-roof – Zebegény circular tour, you will not be disappointed in the experience. For a moderately difficult hike, it doesn't hurt to have hiking shoes that provide good grip, but the beauty of the special route will push you further on difficult stretches of road. The building on the Hegyes roof offers a fabulous view of the Danube Bend and the Börzsöny, so it is worth visiting in clear weather.

Julian Lookout Tower
Kilató Prónay

Photo: Laura Mészáros

Prónay lookout tower

The Prónay lookout tower, which stands on Romhányi Hill, can be easily reached with a short detour from the Route of the National Blue Tour. From the top of the 26-meter-high lookout tower, after climbing the 128 steps, you will be presented with an unparalleled circular panorama. You can also see the slopes of Börzsöny, the Selmec Mountains, Szanda Castle, Karancs, Mátra, Gödöllő Hills, as well as the peaks of the Nasaly, Pilis and Visegrád Mountains. The Prónay lookout tower is free to visit in all seasons.

Károly Kós Lookout Tower

The lookout tower is one of the most popular sights of Zebegény, which thousands of hikers are curious about every year. The charming route to the platform presents you with fabulous scenery throughout, and from the top of the lookout tower there is a wonderful view of Zebegény and the Danube. The platform resembles a Roman watchtower, symbolizing that the route of the Roman limes, which once stretched for 500 km along the Danube, led to it. The lower part of the lookout tower, named after Károly Kós, forms a Székely gate, and on the side the structure resembles a church.

Kós Károly Kilató
Királyréti Castle Hill Lookout Tower

Királyréti Castle Hill Lookout Tower

The Castle Hill Lookout Tower is one of the newest tourist attractions of Börzsöny, which is only a half-hour walk from Királyrét. The lookout tower, which attracts hundreds of tourists to the site, presents a fabulous circular panorama, from the three-storey structure you can see the famous peaks of Börzsöny, Bald Mountain, Nagy-Inóc, Nagy Cold Mountain and Csóványos. Királyrét is an ideal destination for individual or family recreation, as well as for dog trips.

Are you in the mood for a trip? Vác and its surroundings have amazing places to visit for you. Grab your hiking shoes and enjoy the active leisure programs of the left bank of the Danube!