Adventure farms, animal parks

RoBirtok – petting farm

A special family farm at the foot of Nasaly, which welcomes you to get out of everyday life and try yourself what life is like on a real farm. An experience-rich family program with special animals. The little ones can try the farm's playground, the older ones can ride a horse-drawn carriage around the estate. The estate also has a restaurant, now nothing can deter you from exploring it. If you like, you can stay in the guest house for up to several days.  The estate also awaits group children visitors with a variety of programs.

  • RoBirtok – petting farm 2612 Kosd, Bocskai u.
  • Phone: +36 20 443 2826
  • Email:
RoBirtok - Kosd
Alpaca Farm - Women's Nest

Alpaca farm on Nowhere Island

You can meet llamas, lambs, alpacas on the farm, you can also take part in their feeding and care. Alpaca is a really friendly and fun animal, even if there are more of them. You can visit the farm individually or celebrate your birthday with them. In a wonderful environment, a truly special experience awaits you in Woman's Ink at the Alpaca Farm.

  • Alpaca farm on Nowhere Island 2610 Woman's Inn, Bem Street 28.
  • Phone: +36 20 934 1958

Veresegyház – Medveotthon

Only 25 km from Vác there is a real bear home. If you haven't been there yet, be sure to visit the park. An all-day experience for the whole family. You can also walk around the vast area with a small train, but if you walk on foot, you can explore the hiding place of teddy bears, marvel at their playfulness and how they can coexist in peace with wolves. In the park you can also meet tigers, lynxes, red deer, goats. There is also a playground and a restaurant in the park, so you can spend an enjoyable day outdoors with your favorite teddy bears.

Bear Home - Veresegyház
Pet Park - Törökmező

Törökmező Small Animal Park

In Törökmező, next to the tourist house, sharp bird sounds break the silence, and immediately afterwards it is accompanied by a loud child's cry. The Little Animal Park is free to visit. Special birds, emus, turtles, and countless more favorites can be found here. Don't be surprised if peacocks walk freely past you next to the tourist house. Törökmező is a really cool place for hiking, petting animals and adventures alike. A real relaxation for the whole family.

Nógrád Wildlife Park

Wildlife park is located in the heart of Börzsöny, where forest animals live freely, we can only be lucky visitors to see them. Of course, the staff of the Wildlife Park is happy to help us with luck, transporting us by tractor to the high-altitude, from where we can witness the huge forest dinner by eye and ear. After logging in, you can also take part in group programs: a tractor tour, an evening game walk, or even a hunt. If you want to get out of everyday life and want to become one with nature for a while, visit the Nógrád Wildlife Park. We also recommend it as a family program.

  • Nógrád Wildlife Park WILDLIFE PARK 2642 Nógrád, 04/57 hrsz.
  • Phone: +36 30 445 6414
Wildlife Park - Nógrád

(When visiting the wildlife park, phone check-in is required)

Wildlife Park - Vácduka

Vácduka wildlife park

The Vácduka wildlife park is the perfect weekend family program. Free-living animals can only be accessed in groups with the help of a guide, so we do not disturb the natural habitat of the animals living here, but in return we can have an extraordinary experience. In the park, fallow deer, wild boars, mouflons, lambs live side by side in peace. The visit will definitely require a phone check-in.