Would you explore the Danube Bend on two wheels? Vác is a real destination for cyclists, and if you are courageous enough, you can even come to our town by bike from Budapest to wander in one of the most beautiful towns in the region 

Though there are a lot of destinations, which can also be reached by bike in Vác region, you must add a sightseeing tour inside the town into your bucket list. You need only a few minutes’ ride from the bike path to stop in the town’s wonderful baroque main square, where the ruins of St. Michael's Church, the Church of the Whitesthe Memento Mori Exhibition and Tourinform office castle. If you are on a bike tour with your children, you must stop at the Pannonia House, where you have enough space to park your bicycles. 

Courtesy of the Sajdik collection, Maria Theresia’s visit to Vác and the arrival of the first train are replayed and you can discover frogs, little birdies and other fictitious figures in Vertel Andrea’s Enchanted Garden.  

Riding further, you can explore the lively waterside promenades of Vác, and only a few minutes away, you can also admire Hungary’s only triumphal arch, which exciting legends are connected to.

Bicycle tree on the banks of the Danube

Photo: Dezső Dér

Bicycle Tree - bike stand

Would you like to cycle only in the town of Vác? Reach the beach of Liget Lake, where you are welcome by an amorous mandarin duck and its happy partner, a duck. You only have to ride a few minutes to reach József Attila promenade, where you can find a witty bicycle tree. The leafage of the tree is made up of spokes, indicating cyclists from a great distance that they are to reach a bicycle point. By the tree, 12 bikes can be stored at the same time.

If you pedal further on, it is worth making a stop on St Erzsébet Promenade, where you can even have a picnic, as the promenade has a large grassy area and a playground.

Pump track

In the southern part of the Danube bank in Vác, next to the cycle path, a pump track has been constructed for ardent cyclists. You can try your courage by bike, skateboard or rollerblades.  

Visiting the pump track is an exciting free time activity for all age groups, the track can be used by children and non-professionals as well.  

Pump track Vác

Bike repair shops in Vác

You may need repairs for your bike while cycling in Vác. In this case, you can ask for professional help from Crazybiker’s or from dZ Bike teams. Both bike shops offer repair service as well, and you can be sure that your bike is in experts’ hand.

Crazy Biker's Bike Shop and Service

Address: 70 Árpád út, Vác.

Tel: +36-27/308-230


dZ Bike Bicycle and Ski Service

Address:Vác, Galcsek u 8-10.

Tel: +36-20/263-6371


What kind of cycling experiences await you in the Vác area?

Forest cycle path
EuroVelo 6 Cycle Path

You will be riding in one of the most beautiful areas of the country if you start northbound from Vác on Eurovelo 6 international cycle path through Verőce and Kismaros to Nagymaros, where you will see the exquisite panorama of the fortress of Visegrád. On the way, you will not only be amazed by the Danube, but it is worth exploring the ice cream shops, restaurants and waterfront cafes of the settlements.

There is minimal elevation by the Danube, so cycling is an ideal programme not only for groups of friends but also for families.

Explore Verőce on two wheels

Leaving Vác, you will arrive in Verőce, but here the cycle path does not run along the Danube, but within the village. Verőce is a great destination for cyclists, as there are several attractions easily accessible in the center of the settlement. 

In Verőcén, the danube free beach, which has been renovated, awaits those who want to bathe, in summer it is almost obligatory to stop here and cool down a little. In addition to the beach, it is worth seeing the Bell of the Seven Chiefs, as well as the open-air stage, the marina, a cozy playground, and the Verőce photo point.  

A few minutes' ride you will reach King Louis the Great Square, only 2 minutes on foot from the square is the statue of Miklós Ybl and the famous retaining wall on the Danube. Of course, the retaining wall can be seen from the beach, but the shore is very pebbled, it is not possible to ride on it by bicycle. 

Bike path through forest field
Bicycle rest area
Meet Kismaros!

The next exciting cycling stop on the EV6 cycle path is Kismaros, where fields and a row of trees surround the road, so shady and sunny parts alternate.

You can decide to continue the journey to Nagyaros or make a detour to Királyrét, where you can travel from Kismaros by the Királyréti Forest Railway. It is worth checking the timetable of the light rail before departure. Arriving in Királyrét, you can walk along the Királyréti learning path, visit the Várhegy lookout point, the Királyréti Excursion Center, or even climb to the Csóványosi lookout point. With the latter children, it is not an ideal place to visit, they will rather close to their hearts the Királyréti Driveway, which winds at the terminus of the railway. 

Enjoy the hospitality of Nagymaros!

As soon as you reach the Nagymaros section, look to the left, in the direction of the Danube, from here you can wave closer to the Citadel, which will show itself to you already on the way. 

The waterfront of Nagymaros is a great cycling rest not only because of the Visegrád panorama. As in Verőce, there is a free free beach on the Danube, next to which there are several buffets and a huge playground for hikers. The local farmers' market lures you with artisanal delicacies, while the waterfront promenade is a must-see spot for a romantic walk. You can even combine cycling with a light paddle, as Nagymaros has a great kayak-canoe rental. 

After Verőce, Kismaros and Nagymaros, you can even ride further to explore the sights of Zebegény and Szob, but we do not recommend this distance with smaller children from Vác.  

Panorama along the Cycle Path

A Dunakanyar kiváló lehetőséget kínál családok számára illetve baráti társaságoknak egyaránt, hogy a folyó partján vagy az erdők mélyén aszfaltozott és erdei kerékpárutakon tekerjünk. Az aktív turizmus szerelmeseinek méltán kedvelt célpontja ez a régió, hiszen a könnyű tekeréstől egészen a vadregényes hegyi kerékpározásig mindenki megtalálja a szintjének és erőnlétének megfelelő útvonalakat. Ráadásul a Dunakanyarban közlekedő kényelmes és modern emeletes vonatokon a kerékpárszállítás is biztosítva van, így bátran érkezhetsz ide vagy távozhatsz egy kimerítő kerékpártúra után tömegközlekedéssel.

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Cycling tour recommendations

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