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What is NTAK?


The largest and most comprehensive development in the tourism sector so far is the National Tourism Data Centre (NTAC), which started operating in 2019. The digital platform, which operates under the supervision of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, allows the anonymous, real-time visibility of traffic statistics for all accommodation establishments in the country. The data, which comes directly from the accommodation management software, is used to produce analyses to support data-driven decisions in the tourism industry. The NTAK also has a strong role to play in whitening the tourism sector, as local authorities and the NAV have access to the relevant data sets.

Under the legislation in force, all accommodation establishments of all domestic accommodation providers must be registered with the NTAK. From 1 November 2021, the registration obligation will also apply to catering businesses and tourist attractions, which will be required to provide data from 1 July 2023. This will provide the NTAK with data on the performance of all key players in the tourism sector.
Registration and daily reporting will be monitored by the territorial notary.

What data is stored in the NTAK?

The NTAK receives only statistical data from the individual accommodation management, hospitality and ticketing software. The system does not receive, record or store any personal data. The data received doesnot allow to identify in any way the users of individual servicesin NTAK. Personal data are processed only for individual accommodation services. If a service provider records data that can be used to identify a service user, the service provider will draw up a data management information sheet, which must be presented to and accepted by the service user.

Who has access to NTAK data?

As required by law, the NTAK operates under the supervision of the MTÜ. The NTAK prepares reports, summaries and analyses for the tourism sector based on statistical data received from accommodation providers, catering businesses and operators of tourist attractions. The forecasts compiled from the data also allow for targeted, rapid and effective marketing interventions in an area to achieve the objectives set out in the strategy.

The MTÜ is entitled to use the data submitted by accommodation providers, catering establishments and operators of tourist attractions for its research and development tasks in support of tourism development, and to prepare professional summaries, situation reports, assessments and forecasts from the data available to it, and to publish them in a form that does not allow the identification of the data submitter.

TheNational Tax and Customs Administration has access to revenue data relating to the activities of individual accommodation providers and operators of catering establishments and tourist attractions in order to further improve the effectiveness of the control procedures under its remit. In the longer term, the aim is to ensure full comparability between online cash registers and NTAK data in order to ensure full transparency of tourism sector revenues, thus protecting fair taxpayers and further whitening the economy.

Based on the cooperation agreement with the National Tax and Customs Office, the MTÜ forwards the data submitted to the NTAK by the operators of accommodation providers, catering establishments and tourist attractions that are obliged to provide data to the National Tax and Customs Office.

TheCentral Statistical Office has access to the statistical data submitted to the NTAK by accommodation providers and operators of catering establishments and tourist attractions in order to fulfil its tasks as defined in the Statistics Act. In the longer term, the aim is to eliminate the duplication of data provision in order to allow the data coming into the NTAK to replace other statistical data provision on tourism.

As the trade authority , the local authorities have access to the data submitted by accommodation and catering businesses in their area in order to check the service providers. As both NTAK registration and data reporting are controlled by the notary as the trade authority, the law provides for effective and strict sanctioning possibilities for the notary in case of possible deficiencies, data registered differently from the operating licence, or data not provided or not provided regularly.

Territorially relevant traffic data can also be accessed by individual providers and operators at . The MTÜ considers it an important task for the data submitters to be able to regularly report on the results of their various competitors through the statistics they submit.

General information

for accommodation providers

Under the current legislation in force in Hungary, accommodation services may be provided only in accommodation that

  • has notified its intention to provide accommodation to the competent territorial commercial authority and has been registered by the commercial authority;
  • is registered with the NTAK and therefore has an NTAK registration number;
  • uses accommodation management software;
  • fulfils its daily reporting obligations to the NTAK;
  • fulfils its obligation to transmit data to the VIZA system.

The accommodation provider is legally obliged to register with the NTAK.

After the accommodation service is registered, the NTAK generates a unique identifier for the accommodation provider to register the registered accommodation, which is the NTAK registration number. This number must be displayed on all online accommodation portals together with the type of accommodation.

For detailed information on NTAK registration, please visit theREGISTRATION section of this website .

General information

operators of tourist attractions

A tourist attraction is a natural or man-made attraction or geographical area exploited and operated for tourism purposes, which provides visitors with an experience, leisure, travel services, a range of offers or an entertainment function. The registration obligation applies to operators of tourist attractions already operating on or after 1 November 2021.

Avisitor to (guest) is a natural person who uses the service provided by the tourist attraction subject to the data reporting obligation with a ticket, admission or pass, regardless of the person paying for the service.

A tourist attraction subject to the obligation to provide data is a tourist attraction whose operator provides the use of the services of the attraction on a continuous, periodic or occasional basis, by means of admission, ticketing or ticketing.

The operator of a tourist attraction - i.e. the owner, tenant, operator or manager - is required by law to register with the NTAK.

Following registration, the operator of the tourist attraction will be assigned a unique registration number created for the purpose of registering the registered tourist attraction. This is the NTAK registration number.

For detailed information on NTAK registration, please visit REGISTRATION .


General information

catering business operator

Under the current legislation, all catering operators - i.e. owners or tenants - operating in Hungary must register their catering business with the NTAK.

The types of catering establishments defined in Annex 4 of Government Decree No 210/2009 (IX. 29.) on the conditions for carrying out commercial activities are those where catering activities may be carried out pursuant to Section 2, point 30 of Article 2 of Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade. Only the type of business defined in Government Decree No 210/2009 (IX. 29.) can be registered in the NTAK.

The operator of a catering business - i.e. the owner or tenant - registers with the NTAK on the basis of legislation.

NTAK registration consists of 2 steps:

  • the central registration must first be completed,
  • followed by sectoral registration.

After registration, the operator of the catering business will receive a unique registration number created to register the registered catering business. This is the NTAKregistration number .

For detailed information on NTAK registration, see the REGISTRATION section.

NTAK downloadable help files

From NTAK all information about the NTAK data can be found on the info.ntak.hu page. If you are interested in the data kquestions about the use of the data, please contact NTAK customer service at 06-1-550-1855-any day of the week, 0-24 hours, or by e-mail at turisztika@1818.hu address, or contact any of the Tourinform offices in the countryk for assistance and personal information.