Danube lovers

Do you love water sports, you are happy to walk along the banks of the Danube, and you can't imagine a day without the view of the Danube sunset? We show you what cozy programs Vác has in store for Danube lovers.

Vác is located in the heart of the Danube Bend, opposite szentendrei island, so in addition to the view of the Danube, the city presents many natural beauties and rich flora and fauna. 

In Vác you will find the longest built-up Danube promenade in the country, the József Attila promenade, the Ady Endre promenade, the St. Elisabeth promenade and the Liszt Ferenc promenade with a dazzling panorama of the Danube, benches, and the EuroVelo 6 international cycle path winding through here awaits the lovers of the Danube.

The promenades prove to be a cozy destination for festival-goers and couples who want romance in any season, and groups of friends and families are also happy to spend their free time on the city's waterfront, where the little ones are welcomed by a playground. 

The city can also be reached by ferry from the direction of Szentendrei Island , so you can admire the beauty of the Danube section of Vác not only while sitting on mahart hydrofoil flights to the city's port, but also from the ferry. If you are lucky and arrive at the right time, you can also meet the local ducks. 

Danube lovers - South Vác skyline

What other programs await Danube lovers in Vác?

Water tourism stop in Vác

Boat and other watercraft rental services available: May 01, 2022
Renting is possible seven days a week, from 11:00 to 19:00.

Address: 2600 Vác, József Attila promenade 7.

E-mail address: angabesz@gmail.com

Phone: +36 20 994 8386

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vacikarakan



 PRICE LIST   1 hour  1 day  2 days  1 week 
Sea kayak 1 person   4 000 HUF 7 000 HUF 24 000 HUF
Hiking kayak 2 persons   5 000 HUF 9 000 HUF 30 000 HUF
Sit on Top Kayak  1 person   4 000 HUF 7 000 HUF 24 000 HUF
Sit on Top Kayak  2+1 persons   5 000 HUF 9 000 HUF 30 000 HUF
Touring canoe 4 persons   6 000 HUF 11 000 HUF 35 000 HUF
SUP 1 person 3 000 HUF 15 000 HUF 25 000 HUF 50 000 HUF
SUP  Family 4 000 HUF 18 000 HUF 30 000 HUF 65 000 HUF

Meet the Danube Dragons!

In recent years, dragon boating on the Danube has enjoyed unbroken popularity, and water sports offer experiences for all ages. Until you try out how much fun it is to sit in a dragon boat, you don't even know what you're missing out on. 

The organized tours are guided by trained professionals of the Danube Dragons, so you don't have to worry about drifting and boat traffic, you can enjoy teamwork while watching how your oars dive into the water to the rhythm of the drum. 

Danube Dragons – Dragon Boat and Nature Walker Association Vác

Danube lovers - Danube dragon boating

Kayak and canoe rental near Vác

Canoe tour on Ipoly - One-day program around Vác

Rowing is an exciting water sport not only when sitting in a dragon boat, but also in a kayak or canoe. The Danube Bend is one of the favorite destinations for water hikers due to its natural beauty and the view of the Danube. 

If you are a lover of the Danube, organize a water tour with family or friends, or take part in one of the organized water tours! You can even plan an all-day program, as you can stop in several places to bake, picnic or even bathe. Nearby there are free beaches on the Danube in Verőce, Nagymaros, Zebegény, Horány, Szentendre and The Danube. 

Tip: Would you like to paddle not only on the Danube, but also on the Ipoly? Discover the wild romantic world of Ipoly as part of an organized tour, so you can even traverse the 19 km Ipolytölgyes – Letkés – Ipolydamásd – Szob route. 

Canoeing – canoe and kayak rental

Address: 2628 Szob, Sport utca 1.

Email: kenumania@gmail.com

Tel: +36 30 894 8734; +36 30 293 2047

Danube lovers - kayak-canoe boat rental on the Danube

BTZ Kayak-canoe and boat rental

Address: 2626 Nagymaros, Váci út 51.  

Email: kajakra.btz@gmail.com

Tel: +36 30 999 1130  

The unmistakable scent of the Danube air is guaranteed to convince you that Vác is the ideal destination for Lovers of the Danube. Take the opportunity to admire the city from the middle of the river as well!