Danube corso

Danube corso - with statue of Nepomuki

Skating on the banks of the Danube is a real refreshment in the Danube Bend. It is very beautiful in all seasons and is quite popular with locals and tourists alike. The section of about 3 km can be divided into several promenades, depending on the mood. 

The Liszt Ferenc promenade runs from the Boat Port to the Ferry Harbour, the houses are patinated villa apartments, we are separated from the water by a tamal, on this section of the Danube there are kayak and dragon boat marinas, and water sports lovers get on the water on this section in good weather every day. At the ferry terminal stands a statue of St. John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of water travelers, millers, fishermen. 

South of the ferry, in the upper part of the Ady Endre promenade, there are cafes and cafes. The upper promenade is decorated with cast-iron railings from the front of the Parliament, designed by Frigyes Feszl.  On the promenade towers the cast-iron dome of the Music Pavilion. It originally stood in the garden of the Bishop's Palace as an arbor. In the '30s, the bishop gifted it to the city, and since then it has been a characteristic decoration of the Danube bank.

The lower shoreline is the result of a XX century filling, where you can take long walks and enjoy the promenade along the Danube with a long panorama.

In the spring, it's wonderful how a carpet of flowers covers the park and the trees turn green in turn. Here you can find the Country Flag, the Alexander the Great Sculpture Park, which are also popular venues for city celebrations.

The József Attila promenade is mostly a venue for outdoor programs and festivals. The promenade begins at the music pavilion, which is now the most romantic meeting point. It once stood in the courtyard of the Bishop's Palace and was indeed a pavilion for musicians. The horse chestnut tree line starting from here is one of the jewels of the promenade, there are nearly forty species of chestnuts here. It is very tempting due to its magnificent inflorescences, cool shade in summer and abundant fruiting in autumn. Thanks to the trees, in the fall no one is left without a chestnut baby. The beautifully articulated parks and playgrounds are one of the favorite picnic places of families. 

At the end of the promenade, the square opens up even more. On the way to Budapest, the new boathouse was built under the former Vác castle, where it is possible to play association or recreational sports, as well as to rent water equipment. 

Danube promenade music pavilion
Danube promenade - promenade

If you love cycling, then it will be an excellent location for you. There is a cycle path along the banks of the Danube in Vác, with stops and rest stops in some places, where a map indicates what sights you can see on that stretch if you ride up to the city. The cycle path is a section of the Eurovelo 6 international cycle path, from Budapest to Szob, you can cycle on it undisturbed. With your bike (scooter, skateboard) you can also try the pump track behind the boathouse, then if you feel like it, you can continue your journey through the Vác grove. 

If you have a puppy, then it will be a special experience to walk here with him. Our four-legged friends also really enjoy the large spaces, smells, new friends they can meet. However, remember, the park is a public space, dogs can only be walked here on a leash.