Are you looking forward to seeing what culinary experiences Vác has in store for you, where even Maria Theresa was happy to be a guest? Join us and get to know the most exciting local flavors!

Perhaps we will not reveal a big secret if we say that, like so many other areas, Vác excels in the gastro-line. Restaurants, cafes and pizzerias are waiting for you in many parts of the city, and the restaurant offer is adapted not only to elegant, festive occasions, but also to sightseeing street food lunches.

Could you also map out the city's ice cream offerings? You can meet a lot of ice cream in Vác, it is worth tapping into the sympathetic flavors in several places. 

Vác is a real festival city, the gastronomic events of the city make the festival season memorable with colorful experiences. The Danube Bend Craft Beer Festival in August, the Váci Lecsó Festival in September and the Danube Bend Wine and Pálinka Festival in October attract more and more gastronomic specialties every year. 

The culinary experience provided by the city is crowned by the best confectionery in the country, which invites you closer to you in the beautiful Baroque main square of Vác. The sight and taste of high-end desserts in the Mihályi Patisserie confectionery convinces me that any dessert in the confectionery is a real work of art. If you are a gastronomic fan, you should definitely get acquainted with the flavors here more closely!


Patisserie Michaeli
Váci Lecsófestival

What gastronomic programs are still waiting for you in Vác?

The Taste of Vác, the Maria Theresa Melange 

Did you know that there are coffee specialties that you can only meet in Vác? The Maria Theresa melange was completed with the professionalism of barista Ildikó Veres in honor of the Queen. 

Maria Theresa's favorite sweet was the honey almond apple, so the Vác signature coffee became a culinary curiosity dreamed up using ingredients, which is now available in 15 cafes, confectioneries and restaurants.

Source: Vác City Central Market facebook page

Farmers' markets in Vác

Vác is very lucky, as it awaits locals and hikers arriving in the city with two special markets. 

The Central Market in Vác is a diverse, nostalgic place next to the main square, where you can always visit if you want local flavors or fresh vegetables, while the Bishop's Farmers' Market, opposite the Cathedral, offers self-made baked goods, dairy products, jams, cheeses and honey.

Of course, the offer is constantly changing, so it is worth returning to Vác several times to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of the markets again and again during a sightseeing tour. 

Vác's pálinka, the Lunczer pálinka

Just a hop from Vác, Vác's premium quality pálinka is made in Kosd. Pálinka is made from nearly 20 types of fruits in the Kosdi pálinka brewery, and cozy tasting evenings are also held in the brewery. 

Such an occasion is a real taste and time travel, all the more so because in an authentic environment, in addition to cooking cauldrons, you can also get to know the processes of making pálinka while tasting fruit brandies. 

  • Address: 2612 Kosd, Erzsébet u. 11.
  • Email:
  • Website: www.

Váci wines – The Vác wine region is in a revival

The Vác wine region is beginning to regain its old luster, and to our greatest delight, the tastes and wine culture of the past come to life. Traditionally characteristic of this region, grape varieties show themselves in the form of wine using the most modern technology.

Dr. Boglárka Lingvay and Dr. Gábor Czike started to deal with winemaking years ago as a hobby, but now they are creating better, real Vác artisanal wines every year with serious expertise. Several gold-medal wines have already been born from the grapes growing in Vác-Törökhegy, which are a huge recognition for all people living here. 

Taste the wines of Váci, which are named after the sights of the city: Kőszentes, Kőkapu, Vörösház, Credo.

KCZ craft beers in Vác

Craft beers have been hugely popular in recent years, with beer lovers happy to discover new flavors and diverse and exciting labels. 

If you would like to have a beer in Vác and want to get acquainted with unique flavors, be sure to form a closer friendship with KCZ beers. Even their names will put a smile on your face: Mandarin Mámor, Nagyfater, Meggyes, and so on. These beers spice up a friendly conversation just as much as a first gastro date. 

Website: www.

Unconventional tastes, cheerful cavalcade of colors, inviting scents. Isn't a visit to Vác unthinkable for you without exploring the impressive local gastronomic offer?