Do you like long waterfront walks, enjoy the sunset on the Danube, and are you open to unique activities? Vác is an excellent choice for a romantic relaxation! 

The city is such a great destination for couples looking for romantic moments that even the mandrin duck living in Lake Ligeti has found a couple with us. The love of the beautifully colored bird has become a duck, with whom visitors are assured in happy agreement that a long walk in Andalgo is guaranteed to be a romantic program on the shores of Lake Ligeti and in the park with ancient trees. Swans and other birds can only applaud.

Just like the beautiful surroundings of Lake Ligeti, the Danube bank in Vác is also a bucket list place for romantics. During the walk, the waterfront promenades give you a stunning panorama of the Danube, while the wildly romantic shore of Szentendrei Island wavers you back from the front.

Just a few minutes' walk from the Liszt Ferenc Promenade is the legendary Triumphal Arch of Vác, while at the other end of the promenade, next to the Ady Endre promenade, stands the Music Pavilion, which is a great selfie point for couples in love.

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Romantic locations in Vác

What romantic programs are still waiting for you in Vác?

Love locks in Vác
Lakatfal az Anda Cukrászdánál

Surely you have heard about the famous padlock wall in Pécs, which was followed by several padlock walls all over the country. The history of padlocks can be traced back to an ancient Chinese tradition, according to legend, if lovers put a padlock on a never-ending chain or fence, their love will last forever.

The key to the padlock, that is, the guarantee of eternal love, according to the story, must be thrown away so that the padlock can never be taken off the wall.

Are you in the mood to have a lock with your partner? The angel-shaped padlock wall in front of the café in Vác will be a great place to go. It is also not a problem if you did not bring a padlock with you, lovers are thought of in the café in Vác, so you can buy one on the spot.

Halász köz, Rév köz

All your desire to wander charming cobbled streets with your partner? In Vác, of course, this is also possible. The Halász köz leads to the Liszt Ferenc promenade, while the Rév köz connects the beautiful Baroque main square of the city with the Ady Endre promenade.

Since the two cobbled little streets are within easy walking distance of each other, you are in a fortunate position, as you can walk through both without having to choose between them.

Romantic streets in Vác
Romantic Danube bank, photo: Gabriella Kopsa

Photo: Gabriella Kopsa

Sunset in Vác
Waterfront sunset in Vác

On the waterfront of Vác, not only a romantic walk promises a special experience, but also the sunset on the Danube. Sit down with your lover anywhere on the corso and enjoy the sight of boats passing by on the water, merry ducks, and sunsets in unusual colors.

The sunset in Vác has no counterpart in the area, even during the larger festivals in Vác, couples walk down to the waterfront to admire it. If you want a cozy romantic evening and a special joint photo, the corso is your place!


Romance in Vác is a strange composition of waterfront walks, excellent wines and a cozy, sunset sightseeing tour. Choose Vác, as even the mandarin duck knows that romance begins here!