Why Vác?

Considering the programs, sights, tourist spots, colours, spices and scents you find by only one visit, you will be convinced that Vác is an amazing little town at one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube Bend. 

(Richárd Milotai - Adventurous Danube Bend)

Did you know that the following sights are in Vác?

 what is more, you can also taste masterpieces of the best Hungarian confectionery!


Vác baroque downtown

Why is Vác, the city of „the most-s” so special?

There is no two consecutive days when the town shows you the same face. You can never get bored here, as the town of „the most-s”, Vác always offers a program for you to enjoy. You can come by car, bus, train, ship or even by bike – among the towns in Budapest region, Vác can be reached by the most various ways of transport.

Did you know that Hungary’s only triangular baroque square and baroque bridge still in use can be found in Vác? Would you like to see the only triumphal arch of Hungary built in honour of Maria Theresa?

Walking around famous buildings and unique sights you can enjoy the atmosphere of ancient times. The story of the legendary mummies of Vác and their discovery must be one of the most thrilling stories you have ever heard. 

Either you go for a family recreation, a concert with friends or a romantic date, you will enjoy all. Vác has the atmosphere of a small town in all seasons. Don’t forget to visit the bustling market, which is used exactly as in the past.

At the tourist spots of Vác, the nature with its diverse colours always make you smile and when you feel the sweet smell of the fresh Danube air, you can understand how enjoyable rowing is on the Vác section of the Danube. We are also proud that we have the longest, constructed Danube-promenade with a bike path along it.

During your sightseeing tour in Vác, we highly recommend you to try our own special coffee called Maria Theresa melange. Enjoy the panorama and don’t forget that Vác is the place of fabulous adventures. 

You will feel an intense desire to take these adventures home with you. In fact, these adventures and sights make Vác so charming.

Visit Vác in all seasons, 

You are always welcome!

Staircase along the Danube - downtown Vác