Mushroom Creek Bridge

Did you know that the Mushroom Creek Bridge, also known as the Stone Saints Bridge, is one of the country's baroque stone bridges that witness historical events and are still passable today? 

The nationally unique monument got its name because of the statues standing on the bridge, the ancients believed that they would come under their protection as they passed by the saints, so groups of statues protecting against travel and the diseases of the time were placed on either side of the bridge. There are six statues on the bridge, peter and paul among the apostles, due to the epidemic times, the patron saint of healing, St. Chamomile, the defender of those wrestling with death, St. Barbara, the defender of hopelessness Tádé, and the defender of those on the road, the statue of St. Vena, depicted as a knight. 

The special sculptures were mostly made by József Bechert, a master stonemason from Vác, from the sandstone obtained from Nasaly. The statues are covered in winter, as this stone tolerates cold and humid weather poorly. However, from spring to autumn, we can still admire the unique sight many times. 

The bridge also played a significant role in the events of the legendary glorious Spring Campaign of 1849. The adventurous story is associated with the name of Major Károly Földváry, who also earned the recognition of generals with his courage and ingenuity. To protect the city, they were stationed at the Bridge of Mushroom Creek. During the battle, the horse was shot out from under Károly Földváry. He bounced on another, but he was also fired. At this time, he set off on foot against the attacking army. Miraculously, he was not injured. Perhaps it was courage, determination, perhaps the saints of the Stone Bridge who defended him. 

From Budapest side it can be walked by car, but during a city walk it is also worth visiting the unique, open-air monument that has lived through historical times on foot. 

2600 Vác, Szent László út

Fungal Creek Bridge Photo: Gusztáv Gerengay

Photo: Gusztáv Gerengay