Light rail

Börzsönyi light rail map

Map creator: Attila Hatvani

Szob – Márianosztra – Nagyírtáspuszta – Nagybörzsöny (Transbörzsönyi) Small Railway
Hungary section of one of the most spectacular forest railways, about 22 km long, meanders in streambeds, dense forests. To overcome the large difference in altitude, the road between Nagyírtáspuszta and Nagybörzsöny leads on a really exciting top-of-the-line track.

Kismaros – Királyrét

One of the most well-known light railways in Börzsöny, one of the oldest lines of the Ede railway in Hungary. In a wonderful forest environment, it runs in the valley of the Morgó stream from Kismaros through Szokolya to Királyrét and back. In Kiráyrét, try the driving track as well. On the driveway cars, you can drive from your own fortress on the 750 m long stretch.

Kemence Forest Museum Railway

You can travel through fairytale landscapes, fairytale,Museum railway in Furnace from the Black Valley to the center of the settlement. The open small train, which runs on a gauge of only 60 cm, gives a very unique experience for forest recreation. If you like small railways, then you should definitely try this once.