Seven Chapels, Grove

Seven Chapels Church of Mercy

One of the greatest things about Vác is that with a short walk you can discover a completely different environment. The city center almost meets the Danube bank, the bicycle path, and in a few minutes you can get to the grove. 

The Váci grove is a romantic little wooded area with secret trails and a fishing lake. According to chroniclers, this site was also the site of the formation of Vác, where the hermit of our city's namesake Vacz lived. The grove is still a popular leisure space for families and dog lovers. 

Here stands the Seven Chapel Church, barely larger than a chapel. At the same time, it is one of the most beautiful and intimate churches in the city, which, according to our written recollections, began to be built in 1711. 

Behind the church are two springs, the Mary spring and the Eye spring. Once upon a time, the water here was attributed a healing effect. According to legend, a carpenter from Vác, recovering from his illness, placed a statue of the Virgin Mary at the source. The place soon became a place of farewell, so the "Wells Image" was placed on the high altar of the church.

The stances on the way to the church symbolize the seven joys and seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary. The Seven Chapel Churches and the surrounding grove, built in honor of the Virgin Mary, have been a place of farewell since 1815, and they carry "medicine" from the spring during the farewells. The farewell is held every year on the Sunday after Mary's Day (September 12), believers make a pilgrimage from afar, many even the night before vigil at the shrine. The Mary's Day Mass is celebrated at the outdoor altar, built in 1947.


Seven Chapels, Váci Grove

The Váci grove fills you with energy every season. Its wonders in spring are the meadows that bloom, the green forest, the trees that give cool shade in summer, the chestnut sea in autumn, and the foliage of a thousand colors, and in winter the soothing silence, the snowy landscape... if you are in Vác, it is definitely worth visiting on foot or by bicycle.

2600 Vác, Derecske vineyard 2.