Mercy Hospital and Greek Catholic Chapel

Mercy Hospital and Chapel

Did you know that Bishop Kristóf Migazzi invited the nursing order to Vác in 1763? For the practice of their vocation, they designated the building of the former seminary, the hospital was created by combining two baroque buildings, so that the hospital of the Order of Mercy is a U-shaped, two-story baroque house. Next to the convent and hospital stood the oldest pharmacy in the country for the "Pomegranate". 

True to the custom of the time, a chapel was also built by the healing mothers. The hussar-towered chapel has recently been renovated and is now open to regular visitors. In addition to the intimate atmosphere, it also has wonderful acoustics, so in addition to prayer, house music is occasionally played within the walls of the chapel. Small concerts and the voices of fabulous-sounding performers fill the room. If you are looking for a little quietness and an inspiring program, we heartily recommend the chapel concerts in the main square. 

2600 Vác, March 15, 7-9.