Modern Art Collection

Have you been to Vác many times, and in addition to the most well-known sights, would you like to see other interesting things about the city? If you are interested in the art of the XX and XXI centuries, do not miss a visit to the Modern Art Collection. 

The exhibition contains many rarities and cultural history treasures. On the walls and driveways of the patinated building, pieces of the astonishing collection are lined up in an almost endless row. The exhibition brings together the works of the most important contemporary artists of the last 40 years. The oeuvre exhibition of Vladimir Szabó, Erik Scholz, János Józsa, Ernő Tóth, Lelly Dombay and Ferenc Sajdik is also on display. There are also a good number of pictures of Váci artists in the exhibition, it is also worth getting acquainted with the works of local artists. 

The exhibition does not have permanent opening hours, it can be visited after checking in by phone. In addition to presenting the pictures, the owner of the collection makes the visit to the exhibition even more special with extremely interesting stories and personal experiences. 

Modern Art Collection

H-2600 Vác, Káptalan u. 16.

+36 30 258 0269