The Calvary Cathedral of Vác is only a 15-20 minute walk from the city center, here you can find the oldest Calvary monument ensemble in the area, which is definitely worth visiting during a trip to Vác.

The panoramic view of the Danube presents you with an amazing view, and inside the fortification-like structure is the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, from where you can see the stations of the Passions of Christ through 14 stations. The staircase leading uphill is surrounded by a circular wall. On the upper terrace is the calvary group with Mary, St. John and Magdalene kneeling at the base of the cross, as well as the full-size figure of the crucified Jesus between the two thieves. The statues were placed in 1738 on the site of the former wooden statues. The creators are not known, however, it is likely that the works of several artists were placed on Calvary Hill. 

Of all the calvaries in the area, the Vác is the oldest. Another special feature is that there are hermitages, belfry and assembly chapel nearby. 

Calvary Hill is one of the favorite stations for pilgrims, but in good weather it can also be a pleasant walk, a family program. It is an area closed to cars, it is worth visiting even for the wonderful panorama. 

2600 Vác, Argenti Döme tér

Calvary, Photo: Gusztáv Gerengay

Photo : Gusztáv Gerengay