Excursion centers

In the vicinity of Vác, the Naszály and the Börzsöny invite you with excursion centers promising many adventures in the area of the Ipoly Forest. With a mini zoo, an adventure park among the foliage, educational trails. You can spend a wonderful day here with your family, but it can be a multi-day pastime. Explore the excursion centers of the Danube Bend, recharge and get unforgettable experiences.

Katalinpuszta learning path

Katalinpuszta Excursion Centre

Ant-Man Dani is waiting for you for a day full of adventures. The place next to Vác is also referred to as an ecotourism center, where the whole family can recharge in nature. A favorite of the little ones is the ant railway, which leads all the way to the large playground and interactive showroom. From here the Gyadai learning path and the hiking trail to the Naszály mountain also start. Excellent all-day program with children.

Diósjenő Forest Leisure Park

Easily accessible by car, the excursion center is one of the favorite starting points for lovers of leisure programs in Erdde. The educational trail can be easily completed even with children in a magical environment. If you want to have a picnic, the fire pits and furnaces in the forest will make it your favorite place too. 

Pet Park - Törökmező

Törökmező Tourist House, excursion site and pet park

Törökmező is the most well-known excursion destination in the heart of Börzsöny. The starting point of star tours to Zebegény, Nagymaros, Kismaros... It's an easy walk and a children's favorite: the pet park waiting for you in this magical place. Visiting the zoo is free of charge, the adventure barque is currently not in operation.

  • 2626 Nagymaros, Törökmező Tourist House
  • Phone: +36 27 – 350-063

Királyréti excursion center

It is also a popular excursion destination accessible by small train from Kismaros. In the Lynx House you can learn about the wildlife of the area, then test your knowledge at the trail stations with a brochure in hand. You can also take part in a range of forest activities. The renovated exhibition presents the natural treasures of the area. There's also a small railway and a really cool meadow. 

Királyréti excursion center

Seholsziget Nature Park

Playhouse in nature. The area of about 20 hectares is a huge adventure for the whole family, even for several days. In the huge forest park there are many things to do, but you can also spend valuable free time outdoors individually. You can also roam around by small train, tractor ride or horse-drawn carriage. Explore the nature trail, Peter Pan playhouse, try archery, claymation, felting or wool making. The Alpaca farm belonging to the park, it's just the icing on the cake. A really special place in Womantincsen, away from the noise of the city. 


Szondi Exhibition Hall and Tourism Centre

In the center of our Drégelypala there is an interactive exhibition and a virtual historical journey that will take you back to the heroic days of Captain Szondi. Drégely Castle is easily accessible by short walk, so it promises great relaxation either before or after a castle tour. During the programs, even small inaugurations can take place. Visit here.