Váci Cathedral Treasury and Diocesan Collection – Grand Priest's Palace

Like the other buildings in the main square, this building with a patinated wrought iron railing rests on medieval foundations. 

It was built in the XVIII century as a private house of canons Ferenc Würth, as evidenced by the ornate façade. The building itself provides an unparalleled experience, preserving the memory of significant historical figures and events. Walking through its interiors, among restored original murals, you can feel the atmosphere of the era. 

The building is now housed in the Cathedral Treasury, and the diocesan Collection's permanent exhibition features "goldsmiths' objects of artistic value, liturgical textiles, paintings, sculptures, engravings and furniture." The collection "takes you through the millennia-old history of the Diocese with a comprehensive historical presentation with an informative and realistic presentation of the characteristic buildings and art treasures of a certain era". Temporary exhibitions with thematic content are also held. 

Since 2006, the palace decorated with frescoes has also served as a venue for concerts that evoke the atmosphere of Baroque house music.

A Váci Egyházművészeti Gyűjtemény keddtől péntekig 11 óra és 16 óra között várja a látogatókat. Kérésre egyéni vendégeknek és csoportoknak tárlatvezetést is biztosítanak. A teljes árú jegy 1200 Ft/fő, míg a kedvezményes jegy diákoknak, nyugdíjasoknak és zarándokcsoportok tagjainak 600 Ft/fő.

2600 Vác, March 15th Square 4.