The legend of the name of Vác

Have you ever wondered where the city that has so much to see in store for you got its name from? There are many theories about the origin of the city name Vác. 

The most interesting theory can be attributed to a hermit named Wach, whose statue you can meet on Kossuth Square. The sculpture, which must be a bucket list point during a sightseeing tour of Vác, was created by local artist Sándor Kapás.

According to legend, the hermit lived in the forest on the former site of the present city in the 11th century and is notable for foretold to Prince Geza the defeat of King Solomon. After the battle of 1074, which determined the Order of Succession to the Hungarian Throne, Prince Géza named the city he founded Vác after the hermit. The city celebrates the city's namesake on November 26.

According to another theory, the name comes from a Hungarian tribal name (Vath), but the word "vác" has also been suggested as a Slavic term meaning a more important settlement or centre. What is certain is that the story and statue of the hermit is an important landmark in Vác for local residents and visitors alike.