Váci Penitentiary and Prison

Did you know that the Váci Penitentiary and Prison is the only prison in Hungary with an amazing view of the Danube? 

In prison, many famous persons served their sentences as political prisoners, including Mátyás Rákosi, János Kádár, and Árpád Göncz, as well as Szilveszter Matuska, the invader of the viaduct in Biatorbágy. 

It is important to know that the building on the banks of the Danube is not the same as the patinated building that was once called the Theresianum. The original Baroque part of the building was originally made by Bishop Kristóf Migazzi as a convent of nobles and named the Theresianum in honor of Queen Maria Theresa. From 1808, the Ludovika Academy operated in it, it has been operating as a prison since 1855. 

Today's building surrounds the former building, which can be viewed once a year as part of an open house. It was here that the so-called "Doberdo" exhibition was organized, which, in its own puritanical way, shows the conditions of the prisoners of the aforementioned period. There is also a neo-Gothic chapel next to the Theresianum, and its fan-like dome is clearly visible from the danube excursion boats and the other side. 

The building is walkable, on its side is the country's only Arc de Triomphe, which was also built in honor of the empress in 1764. 

H-2600 Vác, Republic Road 62-64.